Pool is filled and running

Pool cleaning filters
Now, after pool acid wash Gilbert Az services, we just had our pool filled, and the sand filter is running now what do we do? Well, assuming the local water authority is doing its job your water on a test should read the following:

*Alkalinity=80 ppm
*Chlorine=0.0 ppm
*Chlorine Stabilizer=0.0 ppm

pool cleaningFrom these readings you will want to raise your water’s PH and alkalinity first, as a rule you adjust (PH/alkalinity), then chlorinate, and finally stabilize and clear. Therefore, working within our rules we will want to increase our PH, and we will do this by adding 1.5 pounds (based on the size of our example pool) of sodium carbonate to the pool water. Reminders here are most chemicals should be added directly to pool water, as you do not want the filter to take additional abuse of harsh pool chemicals; and two sodium carbonate is not the same thing as baking soda. In addition, sodium carbonate, also called PH plus or PH increaser should be pre-mixed in cold water, and broadcasted in to the pool slowly to avoid a cloud effect that sometimes occurs.

After you wait two hours, you can now increase your alkalinity. You will do this by utilization of sodium bicarbonate (yes, this is the same as baking soda). We will want to get the pool water in the range of 120-140 ppm, and to do this we will need, again based on our example, we will need 8 pounds of sodium bicarbonate. We will broadcast this directly in to the water, and wait two hours before proceeding to the next step.

Now, we are at a crucial step. We will need to provide your pool water stabilized chlorine, as chlorine that is not stabilized will burn of at a rate of 50% in the first half hour of sunlight. Therefore, we will need two and half pounds of chlorine stabilizer per 10,000 gallons, and for our pool is 5 pounds. Please note your pool place may only sell 4 or 8-pound quantities; in this case 4 pounds will be sufficient. As now, we come to our next rule: “It is better to be under, than over.” In order to make this work remember we need to shock first, and for our size pool this will be 2 gallons of liquid shock, or 2 pounds of a granular shock. Therefore, after we shock we will make a slurry solution out of the conditioner (chlorine stabilizer), as it will not dissolve in the bucket of water. We will then slowly pour this mixture into the skimmer with the pump running. Important, we will not backwash for 24 hours regardless of filter pressure.

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